The Durga Chronicles

An international, interdisciplinary, intercultural collaboration, The Durga Chronicles reaches across time and space to address violence against women, drawing on a rich tapestry of Indian musical culture, female deities, narrative, and dance. The ritual power of Carnatic choral singing is interwoven with dancing, monologue, and visual projections.

This new work brings together long-time collaborators, thinkers, performance makers and multidisciplinary artists Priya Srinivasan, Uthra Vijay and Philipa Rothfield drawing on their mutual interest in feminist discourse and promoting South Asian representation in the Australian arts community. ​The Durga Chronicles  highlights non-western practices of combining music, dance, theatre, and visual elements to reimagine ancient texts into contemporary contexts.

Located in the 21st century, ​The Durga Chronicles traverses between India and Australia and the mythological and material world. The work juxtaposes ancient mythological poetry from the 3rd Century about Durga (the powerful multi-armed Goddess who destroys demons in battle) with the police files about the sexual assault and murders of three different women.

It is a story about the violence against women, the demons who target “every day” women today through rape or murder and the sources of power (action) that can be brought against them. ​The Durga Chronicles is told through a feminist lens, provoking action for change.


Co-Direction, Choreography and Dancer
Priya Srinivasan
Co-Direction and Choreography
Philipa Rothfield
Visual Design
Govin Ruben
Composer, Performer and Choir Musical Director
Uthra Vijay
Composer and Musician
Hari Sivanesan
Marcus Salvagno
Keerthana Women's Choir
Dancer and Collaborator (on Film)
Priyadarsini Govind


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