Mother's Blood

inDevelopment Project

Mother's Blood is a contemporary urban drama about modern Aboriginal identities, sexuality, family loyalty and community.

Created by
Jacob Boehme
Produced by
Insite Arts

Mother’s Blood explores the urban lives of three Aboriginal women from different generations. Within the microcosm of one Aboriginal family a nation's struggle with its own identity is told through the lived experiences – and repercussions – of the White Australia Policy to the Black Power Movement to the current generation's struggle to stay connected to community whilst in the pursuit of individual cultural expression.

The second in a trilogy of works about HIV in Aboriginal communities across Australia, Mother's Blood is currently in development working toward its world premiere in 2022. 

This project was supported by Vitalstatistix in the Adhocracy Program 2020. 


Jacob Boehme
Mentor Director
Isaac Drandic
Chris Mead
Video Artist
Keith Deverell
Spatial & Lighting Design
Jenny Hector
Emily Barrie
James Henry


Creative Producer
Jason Cross → Email