Turbo Engkanto

Following on from the internationally-renowned Carrion, Turbo Engkanto continues the exploration of alter personas based on queered and bi-cultural ancestral myths in Justin Shoulder’s body of work, Phasmahammer.

Created by
Justin Shoulder
Produced by
Insite Arts

Presented both as ‘episodes’ and as an accumulative cycle, the narratives of this new performance work are held within the conceptual framework of what is referred to as the Skyworld. The Skyworld in Philippine (Tagalog) mythology is a living and breathing entity which is ever-changing and responding to contemporary realities. It is a multi-layered metaphysical plane; a liminal space between the sea and sky. 

Turbo Engkanto will exist as a world, a landscape, a living dream and a nightmare, as ritual and as a celebration, all of which is inhabited by living and by creatures of the past, present and future. The world created allows Shoulder to explore: the creation and destruction of myths and their role as foretelling; ecological collapse and mourning; animal/human/machine hybridity; and queered narratives of resilience.

This will be communicated through a contemporary queer cultural language that draws from research into Filipino masquerade, club performance, clowning and bodyweather dance training. 


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