Priya Srinivasan

Priya Srinivasan and Philipa Rothfield have been collaborating together for several years. Their collaboration on The Durga Chronicles brings together their interdisciplinary practices and diverse perspectives, creating a collaborative process which provokes new ways encouraging a natural fusion between contemporary and classical forms of music, choreography and visual theatre. Priya and Philipa combine their decades of distinctive contemporary and classical dance practices and work as dramaturgs, dance reviewers and feminist authors.


Priya Srinivasan is a dancer/choreographer whose performances work towards social justice issues.  She has choreographed several solo, duet, and large-scale projects internationally and nationally for festivals such as Australia Festival (India), AsiaTOPA (Australia), Jaipur Literary Festival (India), India Dans Festival Korzo (Netherlands), and has collaborated on major projects with the Hermitage Museum Amsterdam, Berlin Wall Memorial, Rockbund Art Museum Shanghai, Typografia Gallery Romania, Showroom Gallery London, Dakshina Chitra and Spaces Chennai,  Adishakti Puducherry, Highways Los Angeles, DCA Darwin, Dancehouse and Bunjil Place in Melbourne. Her large span of intercultural work focuses primarily on feminist collaborations most notable of which is “Churning Waters” a feminist Indigenous Indian work which was selected to tour India for Australia Festival. She is the co-Artistic Director of Sangam: Performing Arts Festival of South Asia and Diaspora which she founded in 2019. 


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