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Insite Arts works with artists to initiate ideas, develop and create art, and take it to audiences across Australia and around the world.

Insite Arts brings thirty years of experience in the performing arts industry. Insite’s work encompasses intimate showcases, small independent venue presentations, major theatre and festival productions and large-scale major outdoor events. Collaborations with artists to create contemporary productions across genres, cultures, styles and scale are the cornerstones of Insite’s work.

Established in 2008 as a professional independent producing company for Australian artists, Insite’s head office relocated in 2018 to Adelaide with a second office based in Melbourne. Directors of Insite Arts Jason Cross, Lee Cumberlidge, Victoria Raywood and Elena Vereker work in a collaborative artistic and managerial partnership. This has involved the creation and presentation of more than 50 new Australian works, resulting in 144 presentations across Australia. This is alongside 140 international presentations across 32 countries reaching audiences of more than 60,000 annually. To read more detail of the company’s previous projects go here.

Insite Arts is led by its four Directors, Jason Cross, Lee Cumberlidge, Victoria Raywood and Elena Vereker, along with a small core team of Producers, Penelope Leishman, Seb Calabretto and Stella Webster, and Digital Media Manager, Courtney Beaumont.

Insite Arts is assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its arts funding and advisory body.

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