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Welcome to Narungga Country. You’ve been warned.

Guuranda is a monumental new theatre work telling the Narungga Creation stories of South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula from Narungga/Kaurna theatre-maker Jacob Boehme.

The work will premiere at Her Majesty's Theatre as part of Adelaide Festival 2024 from the 1st March to the 3rd March 2024.

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Created by
Jacob Boehme

Commissioned by Adelaide Festival, Guuranda has been created by a collective of First Nations artists, Narungga Elders and non-Indigenous artists. It is written and directed by Jacob Boehme with artwork by Narungga visual artist Kylie O’Loughlin and sung by Narungga songwoman Sonya Rankine and songman Warren Milera, supported by the Narungga Family Choir. 

Taking its title from the Narungga language name for the Yorke Peninsula, Guuranda tells of a people and place that teach us about being human, drawing on history to speak into the present. These ancient stories are not myths, nor are they old, quaint tales. These stories are vital, violent, delightful and dangerous. They are stories to charm, shock and instruct audiences of all ages.  

Effortlessly weaving together theatre, song, puppetry, dance and visual art, Guuranda shares stories that offer insight and balance, with chaos and death ever-present. You must look, listen and tread carefully.

Guuranda has been commissioned by Adelaide Festival and produced by Insite Arts, with support from TANDANYA Cultural Institute and the RISE fund. 


“Boehme’s poetic writing is a perfect balance of heart-wrenching and heart-warming.”

Centre Stage
Jacob Boehme - Interview with Patrick McDonald

“These stories from Mob are really important, for everyone to start hearing, to start listening, to start singing - just to become more aware of.”

The Advertiser, SA Weekend 28.10.23



Director, Writer & Choreographer
Jacob Boehme
Narungga Elders, Dramaturges & Cultural Consultants
Aunty Lynette Newchurch
Aunty Deanna Newchurch
Uncle Rex Angie
Uncle Edward Newchurch
Senior Consulting Elders
Uncle Lewis O'Brien
Aunty Pauline O'Brien
Aunty Lynette Crocker
Uncle Kevin 'Dookie" O'Loughlin
Narungga Songwoman/Songman
Sonya Rankine
Warren Milera
Associate Choreographers & Performers
Caleena Sansbury
Cheeky Chandler
Edan Porter
Jada Narkle
Jordan O'Davis
Luke Currie Richardson
Shana O'Brien
Zoe Brown Holten
Artistic Team
Sonya Rankine
Narungga Song Woman & Translator
Tanya Wanganeen
Kylie O’Loughlin
Visual Artist
James Henry
Keith Deverell
Audio-Visual Design
Kathryn Sproul
Costume Design
Philip Millar
Puppet Design & Maker
Rinske Ginsburg
Movement Coach & Associate Choreographer
Chris Mead
Sue Manski
Production Team
Nathan Evers
Production manager
Cecily Rabey
Stage Manager
Jason Cross
Executive producer
Stella Webster
Associate Producer
Narungga Family Choir
Grace Robinson
Choir Director & Vocal Coach
Jessica Vangelista
Choir Facilitator
Pat Telfer
Choir Audio Engineer
Choir Performers
Richard ‘Shaggy’ Brown
Damien Brown
Jacob Brown
Anja Cruse
Jacynta Lehtinen
Luke Picone
Natalie Pocervina
Kelly Rossi
Jodie Seiuli
Faith Seiuli
Kayla Seiuli
Christian Seiuli
Alyssa Siale
Elke Smirl
Tegan Smirl
Markeeta Smith
Jaimie Taunoa
Paulie Taunoa
Jamayne Taunoa-Brown
Rua Taunoa
Taree Taunoaa
KC Taunoa
Jessica Vangelista
Isabella Vangelista
Kaarl Waldorp
Jacob Boehme
Session Musicians
Craig Pilkington
Audio Engineer
Gary Watling
Alexander Meagher
Percussion & Melodic Percussion
Chris Lewis
Drunmkit & Percussion
Adrian Sherriff
Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone
Eugene Ball
Cinzia Posega
French Horn
Hero Image Photography
Tiffany Garvie


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