I Can Relate

current Project

I can relate is a video dance work presented on a sculpted projection screen in a gallery format.

Created by
Alison Currie
Produced by
Insite Arts

I can relate is a 6 min looped video, dance and sculpture work presented on a sculpted projection screen in a gallery format. The video is projected onto a sculpted rock-like screen to distort the image. The content of the video shows a solo dancer interacting with a landscape of large granite rocks and explores the fundamental comparison of form between dancer and the rocks.

The work is inspired from the simple narrative of comparison between object in this case rock and human in this case a dancer and the greater relationship to landscape.

The South Australian coastline of the Fleurieu Peninsula where I spent much of my childhood has locations of large granite rocks covered in brightly coloured lichen. The filming location is on Ngarrindjeri land at Lady Bay at Port Elliot. This location has a large expanse of these lichen-covered rocks on which we were able to film in a way that creates a sense of otherworldliness by framing only the rocks or the rocks and one other element to remove the horizon in order to create a new location that is not linked to the common understanding of beach and seaside towns.

In making I Can Relate I was interested in creating a work where all of the components are viewed as one and each component affects how the other is viewed. I can relate is a development and continuation of my previous works collaborating across mediums. I want to stretch the viewing of the film by creating a three dimensional multi-faceted surface to project onto and manipulate the video with. It also provides varied experiences for the audience dependent on their viewing location. Specific viewing locations are suggested by the placement of listening stations with headphones to listen to the sound score.

When you view I Can Relate in the gallery you can change your relationship to the screen to see the various ways the sculpture captures and distorts the video.  Kaboom Studios aka Jason Lam and Adam Synnott with help from Brad Williams have created an online 3D version of the work where you can drag the image to do the same… try it out here.

Performance History

  • 2018
  • 2017

Adelaide Festival Centre



Choreographer and Director
Alison Currie
Dancer and Assistant Choreographer
Carlie Angel
Jason Cross
Film and Edit
Tobin Lush
Sam Chrisholm
Alisdair Macindoe
Gemma Stocks
3D Online
Jason Lam
Kaboom Studios
Adam Synnott
Kaboom Studios
Brad Williams
Thanks to
Phil Callaghan
Jessie McKinlay


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