In Muva We Trust

current Project

In Muva We Trust is an animated video-artwork presented as a large-scale façade projection installation alongside a community led performance event celebrating diversity and togetherness.

Created by Club Até
Club Até
Produced by Insite Arts

Experiencing In Muva We Trust resonates with audiences at a moment in time where collectively, we feel vulnerable and overwhelmed by both our compulsory social disconnect and the deepening climate crisis. Serving as a reminder of our collective power, the experience inspires an alternative approach grounded in respect, family and togetherness, to tackle the greatest challenges of our lifetimes.

Drawing on Filipino folklore narratives, the projected artwork, In Muva We Trust is set in the mythical Skyworld, a space of possibility and potentiality, and shares a story of living in harmony with the environment through connectedness. Journeying through diaspora, memory and imagination, bodies becoming islands merge with religious and domestic motifs. A prophetic creature forms a catastrophic weather map that is then engulfed by flames. As the flames subside, a tropical urban utopia is revealed. Bodies of the Pacifica perform culturally symbolic roles from both mother and sisterhood, collectively sharing a sense of survival and togetherness. The work celebrates diverse communities, depicting a world both real and imagined.


“Speculative queer world-making at its finest, In Muva We Trust unfolds mythic and ancestral landscapes and bodies that envision a polychrome universe of possibility and potentiality.”

Ocula Magazine


Lead Artist
Justin Shoulder
Club Até
Lead Artist
Bhenji Ra
Club Até
Set and Costume Design
Matthew Stegh
Video Design
Tristan Jalleh
Composer and Sound Design
Corin Ileto
Performance Ensemble
House of Sle
Projection Mapping
The Electric Canvas
Insite Arts



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