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A live performance experiment featuring bespoke artificial intelligence generating a new, purely ephemeral dance show.

The AI devises artistic and thematic content to create a part-play, part-dance and part-moving image piece, in collaboration with ten highly-trained performers following it’s directives.

Plagiary will premiere at Arts Centre Melbourne as part of Now or Never Festival 2024

Dates: Wednesday 28 August - Saturday 31 August


Created by
Alisdair Macindoe

Plagiary is a dance performance experiment that employs Artificial Intelligence as a speaking choreographer who generates an entirely new show before your eyes in collaboration with live contemporary dance improvisors. Plagiary is constructed by multi award winning dance technologist and choreographer Alisdair Macindoe, who has explored AI computer generated dance instruction since 2018.

Working with acclaimed media artist Sam Mcgilp, Plagiary explores entire visual worlds made with AI that are bespoke to each performance. Updating the contemporary dance format, Plagiary opens a space to deepen our knowledge of embodiment in the age of AI. At at time when we are questioning our relevance as a species, Plagiary champions the human body, platforming our natural form as one of the final sites untouched by artificial intelligence.


Concept, Direction, Choreography, Text, Coding, Sound Design and Set Design by
Alisdair Macindoe
Video Design, Image Design and Coding
Sam Mcgilp
Software Development, Head Coder
Chris Chua
Costume Design, Prop Design
Andrew Treloar
Lighting Design Consultant
Amelia Lever-Davidson
Performer (showing & development)
Carly Sheppard
Geoffrey Watson
Georgia Rudd
Harrison Ritchie-Jones
Jayden Wall
Josie Weise
Mason Kelly
Rachel Coulson
Tamara Bouman
Performer (showing)
Enzao Nazario
Performer (development)
Lilian Steiner
Raina Peterson



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