Shadow Side

A new hybrid performance work by Larissa McGowan, Washington & Nick Waterman.

Created by
Larissa McGowan, Washington & Nick Waterman
Produced by
Insite Arts

SHADOW SIDE is a new hybrid performance work created by choreographer and dancer Larissa McGowan in partnership with ARIA award-winning artist Washington and film director Nick Waterman. The project marks a deeper level collaboration for the artists, blending their chosen artforms live performance, moving image and sound design.

SHADOW SIDE sees Washington, the protagonist, travel between two conflicting worlds. One being the present moment, murky and obscure, and the second an imagined world, where emotion is filtered and clear.

In her journey, Washington interacts with an ensemble of dancers, who represent her alter-egos. The interest lies in these interactions and the forms and guises they use to transform her. A look or a touch sees her morph between personalities - absurd, dangerous, real. Throughout the work, Washington treads a fine line between reality and illusion, as her alter-egos seek to infiltrate the here and now.

SHADOW SIDE has been supported by Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance through The Makers Program - a commissioning project assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland; the Regional Arts Development Fund which is a partnership between the Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland; and proudly supported by HOTA Home of the Arts.


Warwick Thorton, Australian film director

“I have been watching Nick’s growth from film to film. From ‘After the Smoke,’ Nick’s journey through adolescent to man and the fear of the classic Australian male fable to ‘Vote Yes,’ Nick’s answer to the rise of nationalism through Australia’s forgotten past. Nick is quickly building a unique Australian voice in cinema - it’s strong and loud.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“She [Washington] isn’t just a singer, she’s also an actress, and a good one at that. Adopting a different persona to deliver each number, Washington demonstrated a vulnerable yet still commanding character while the emotion took hold of her.”

Valerie Lawson, Dancelines

“McGowan is one of a rare species, a female Australian choreographer. As one of the precious few I hope she continues to be nurtured and commissioned in Australia and elsewhere.”


Larissa McGowan
Composer/ Sound Design/ Performer
Director (Video)
Nick Waterman
Dancers (Creative Development)
James Vu Anh Pham
Harrison Elliot
Lucy Hood


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