The Thing That Matters

current Project

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet."

Emily Dickinson

A dancing journey through the lifespan.

Created By
Sally Chance

Love, hope, family... time.

While the arts and creativity have an impact on child development, the young child's time is always now; 

Not just because their first thousand days create long term cognitive and emotional patterns, but because from birth they have plenty to say about the things that matter to them.

The Thing That Matters is for and with children aged three years and younger. The work evolved through the company's Family Dance Lab approach to devising and co-creating Dance Theatre for Early Years, bringing professional artists and families together. 

In collaboration with an ensemble of Adelaide-based families with young children, the company has created a rolling, crawling, walking, running, dancing journey through an entire lifespan, for audiences of children aged four months to three years, and their adults.


Sally Chance
Heather Frahn
with Kelly Menhennett
Felecia Hick
Juliet Mcleod
Kelly Menhennett
Stephen Noonan
An ensemble of Adelaide-based Families
Artistic outside eye and Family Lab support
Cinzia Schincariol
Wendy Todd
Production Assistant
Harmony Boucher
Observing Scholar
Anne-Marie Shin
Images by
Sam Oster
Thanks to
Church of the Trinity
Clarence Park
Joshua Hoare, Jonathan Dragt and
the SA Circus Centre, the home of Cirkidz.
All our families, whose energy and ideas in our 2021-2023 Dance Labs helped create The Thing That Matters.



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