Of Babies and Men

inDevelopment Project

Of Babies and Men is a new work for babies aged 4-18 months by Sally Chance Dance. The work makes visible men’s care of and play with babies, exploring personal stories, social myths and cultural practices and evoking the presence of fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, friends and elders in a studio-based phase of collaborative devising.

Created by
Sally Chance

SCD’s new work for babies aged 4-18 months will enter a creative development phase in late 2023/early 2024.

Of Babies and Men will explore what happens in a playful performance space created by four skilled performers - Stephen Noonan, Owen Love, Jonathan Dragt and James Alberts.

A combination of care and play is a fundamental aspect of SCD’s philosophy of carefully creating encounters between artists and babies. As Fletcher-Watson notes “playing is key to the entire genre of Theatre for Early Years” (2016). Of Babies and Men will draw on types of play from competitive to imaginative ways of playing, making them visible to the babies through the performance images and available to them to take part in as co-players.



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