Fill the Earth

upcoming Project

Seven stories about how we fill the earth, our space and our lives.

A multidisciplinary performance and sculptural installation work, incorporating both live and digital performance, Fill the Earth explores the effects of daily human actions on our planet.

Created by
Juha Vanhakartano

Fill the Earth is a collaborative performance and sculptural installation work which manifests as live and digital performance, dance and theatre, conceived by Juha Vanhakartano.

The project explores how the “ripple and butterfly” effects of human actions and current thinking influences our daily lives, and how this simultaneously impacts the natural environment and ultimately the planet. 

Sixteen established artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and artistic practices, have created seven individual responses to the provocation to Fill The Earth. The work is created, performed, and filmed on a 3.5m round stage, which represents the “limitations” of the physical, emotional and spiritual space, and boundaries which define planet earth. 

The project creates a context for an ensemble of diverse artists from theatre, dance, visual arts and video to engage and exchange ideas, processes, and the outcomes of their work.

Fill The Earth is presented as a live performance intersecting with digital imagery.

TICKETS: Fill The Earth live at Illuminate Adelaide 2024


Thom Buchanan, Fill the Earth Artist

“[Fill the Earth] challenges the audience to question their footprint on this earth metaphysically and physically.”


Concept, Curation & Video Design
Juha Vanhakartano
Video Design
Juha Vanhakartano
Nic Mollison
Lighting Design
Nic Mollison
Sound Design
Sascha Budimski
'Anthropocene Epoch'
Thom Buchanan
Stephen Sheehan
Creator & Performer
'Here, Unseen'
Adrianne Semmens & Caleena Sansbury
Choreography & Performers
Soundscape Voices
'O Sabor do meu Pomar'
Jo Stone & Paulo Castro
Jo Stone
Lina Limosani
Choreographer & Creator
Rowan Rossi
Chris Hill
Darius Kedros
Sound Composition | 'Dystopia' 2017
Andrew Barnes
Performer | Initial iteration
'Sister of Icarus'
Alison Currie & Bridget Currie
Alison Currie & Cazna Brass
Bridget Currie
Props design & build
Peta Kruger
'My Mother Earth'
Yumi Umiumare
Creator & Performer
Thanks to
Nexus Arts
Venue Partner
Illuminate Adelaide
Festival Partner
Restless Dance Theatre
Studio support
Australian Dance Theatre
Studio support



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