Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere

Australian and Japanese co-choreographers and dancers Alison Currie and Yui Kawaguchi join forces to compose a collision of the significant, simple and absurd, with their contrasting and intricate choreography exploring the relationship between the body, objects and form.

Created by
Alison Currie
Yui Kawaguchi
Produced by
Insite Arts with Mendora

​Humans (for now) live on one planet. This is a globalized, digital world through which we all connect. Yet simultaneously, people are separated by borders, deserts, seas and mountains, cultural histories, political inclinations and languages.  Despite this, when we pause to consider, we discover it is also both our similarities and differences through which we connect. 

Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere stops, rewinds, reflects and composes a collision between the everyday and imagined possibilities. Sound, light, and choreography drift in and out of sync, exposing significant, simple, ephemeral, and absurd similarities and differences between the two creators from two different places: Alison Currie from Adelaide, Australia and Yui Kawaguchi, a Japanese national living in Berlin Germany.

In this new world, chaos is serene, the smallest deviation is the biggest opportunity and humans are defined not by what we know, but rather by what we are yet to discover together. 

Performance History

  • 2021


Co-Direction, Choreography and Concept, Performers
Alison Currie
Yui Kawaguchi
Spacial, Set and Lighting Design
Fabian Bleisch
Sound Design
Sascha Budimski
Jason Cross
Insite Arts with Mendora
Supported by
Arts SA
Project Grant
Government of South Australia
Program Grant
Oz Asia Festival
In association with Adelaide Festival Centre Trust
Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund
An Australian Government initiative
Insite Arts
Australia-Japan Foundation
2021-2022 Grant


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