AE✝: Jaws of the Horizon

current Project

Following on from the internationally-renowned Carrion, AE✝ continues the exploration of alter personas based on queered and bi-cultural ancestral myths in Justin Shoulder’s body {of work}, Phasmahammer.

Created by
Justin Shoulder
Produced by
Insite Arts

AE✝ is an accumulative body {of work} by Phasmahammer (FKA Justin Shoulder). A collective of beasts arrange in resistance to articulate this cosmo-ecological epic.

A Chimera tumbles through space and time. A composite ball of wings, scales, teeth, and magma rearranging in flux. Summoned during The Great Delusion of Capital Desire – a great unending scream piercing through the haze of a geo-engineered death spiral.

Free falling they recall the past in order to imagine a future of infinite-love-possibility. Rhincodon cruise through oceanic malls, Bakunawa ride countercurrents all the way to the Skyscraper: Jaws of the Horizon aka The Edge. Future life forms abound vertically in the great continual UNFOLDING ~ 

In the first EPISODE: Jaws of the Horizon, the performer becomes an interspecies elemental conduit. Filipinx Myth, Puppetry, queer spectacle, and ritual meet to elaborate a syncretic futurism. A Mangalag psychopomp born from chaos channels rage-energy here to answer the CALL > > >

Commissioned by Performance Space and Fusebox Festival

Image by Tristan Jalleh & Justin Shoulder

Performance History

  • 2020


Fusebox Festival

“You would be hard pressed to find a more talked about performance than Justin’s last performance at Fusebox two years ago. His performances leave a trail of “Holy shit!” moments in their wake. His practice combines costume, prosthetics, ritual, and movement, with various queer mythologies (woven together with his unique imagination) resulting in an encounter with something truly unforgettable and other worldly.”


Lead Artist
Justin Shoulder
Corin Ileto
Mentor and Co-choreographer
Victoria Hunt
Costume and Set Design
Matthew Stegh
Justin Shoulder
Costume and Set Design Assistance
Anthony Aitch
Production and Technical Manager
Niccolo Gallio



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