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AEON† is an accumulative body of work presented as live performance, video and installation works by Phasmahammer (AKA Justin Shoulder).

Created by
Justin Shoulder
Produced by
Insite Arts

 In an unfolding Mesozoic Mise-En-Cene the artists use their body and craft as an instrument of metaphysics in genesis with the wreckage. After Cyclic and successive big *BANGS* the boundless clown dances on the blade’s edge. 

Aeon—meaning a vital force, or an indefinite period of time—bears tension with †(dagger): the symbol placed beside the name of a species indicating it has become extinct. The world of AEON† speculates a realm between the infinite and the definite. The performance space becomes a fertile petri dish incubating distinct and recombinant organisms. Fusing Filipinx myth, puppetry and queer pageantry as ceremony, AEON† births a hypnotic ecology of beings that emerge from the muck of a decomposing parallel world.

Performance History

  • 2021
  • 2020

Liveworks at Performance Space - Sydney


Fusebox Festival - Austin

Texas USA


Lead Artist, Performer and Co-Designer
Justin Shoulder
Corin Ileto
Mentor, Collaborator and Performer
Victoria Hunt
Costume & Set Design
Matthew Stegh
Costume & Set Design Artisans
Anthony Aitch
Luna Aquatica
Lighting and Live Visuals
Fausto Brusamolino
Ryuichi Fujimura



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